• Environment

    Survey, Remediation, Brownfield Recycling, Expert Witness Consulting

  • Construction

    Geotechnical Engineering, Pollutant Registry, Deconstruction, Disposal

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    Building Energy Consultation, Energy Efficiency, Energetical Renovation

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    Project Management, Organisational Consulting, Data Management

HYDRODATA has been a partner to the US Army through the US Army Corps of Engineers Europe District since 1993, providing a wide range of Environmental Services and General and Environmental A-E Services. 

Since then HYDRODATA has managed 7 Prime ID/IQ contracts for USACE EUD and has significant experience in the investigation, characterization, evaluation, study, design, and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater at US Government installations or where US Armed Forces installations are located, specifically in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, and other Central European countries.  HYDRODATA has extensive experience in developing and implementing environmental management and compliance programs on fixed price projects ranging in value from €40,000 to €8 million.  HYDRODATA has performed more than 2,500 HTRW management and remediation projects on government, military, and industrial sites in Germany and performed similar work throughout European Countries for USACE EUD, European Federal and local agencies, and private firms.
The past performance of the HYDRODATA Team has been outstanding when based on compliance with contract requirements, conformance with standards of good workmanship, and compliance with laws, regulations, and specifications.  The ACASS ratings received over the past 5 years demonstrate that the delivered environmental services either meet or exceed the standard level of quality required by DoD clients.  Not only were the products delivered on time and within budget, they met with high approval from US Federal and Host Nation regulators. 

For details about our past references and services that we can offer, please contact Daniel Huth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Tel: +49(0)6171-5892-20).