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Timeframe: 2017

Client: Lechner Immobilien Development GmbH

Project description:

The existing office building on the property Gerbermühlstraße 28 - 32 in 60599 Frankfurt am Main was to be converted. For this purpose, an extension was planned on the rear side of the existing building. Particular attention was paid here to the “S-Bahn” tunnel (underground railway) running at a distance of only 4 m below a section of the building.

Gerbermuehlstrasse 04k

The subsoil conditions were to be investigated in order to be able to provide the architects and structural engineers commissioned with the planning with the necessary planning documents. HYDRODATA was commissioned to carry out the geotechnical field work, to prepare the foundation report and to provide the project-specific foundation and execution recommendations.

Gerbermuehlstrasse 01k

HYDRODATA services:

  • Investigation of the subsoil by means of small ramming boreholes / heavy ramming probes • Execution of an in situ infiltration test
  • Performance of soil mechanical and environmental chemical laboratory tests
  • Representation of the found underground situation by means of soil profiles
  • Preparation of a geotechnical report incl. foundation recommendations
  • Preparation of rough settlement calculations
  • Waste classification of excavated material according to LAGA/Hess. Baumerkblatt, 2015
  • Calculation of the infiltration capacity of the soil material

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