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Timeframe: 2016-2017

Client: Hessisches Baumanagement

Project description:

The ammunitions depot Köppern (WE 1877), formerly occupied by the US Army, covers an area of approx. 250 ha and is located in the area of the communities Wehrheim and Rosbach. It has been used as an ammunition depot since 1951 and was handed over to the
Bundeswehr by the Federal Property Administration in 1997.

Koeppern Loeschteich

Koeppern Teilrodung


In 1998, a survey and initial assessment (Phase I) of areas suspected of contamination (KVF) on the property was carried out.

In 1998, Phase IIa investigations were also carried out for the suspected sites determined in Phase I. On the basis of these results, a detailed investigation (Phase IIb) was carried out to identify environmentally relevant impacts.

In the course of the subsequent recording of KVF with regard to PFC suspected areas, five rainwater retention basins (RRB I to RRB V) were designated as PFC suspected areas (KVF 03 -KVF 07). Here, water and sediment samples were taken and analyzed for PFC.

HYDRODATA GmbH was commissioned by “Bau und Immobilien Hessen (LBIH), Regionalniederlassung Süd” to carry out the detailed investigation (Phase Iib).

HYDRODATA services:

  • Drilling of small ramming holes
  • Collection of soil samples
  • Execution of prospecting as hand prospecting
  • Excavation by means of a small excavator
  • Sampling of surface water samples and sediment samples
  • Coordination and evaluation of laboratory analyses
  • Surveying works
  • Evaluation and documentation of measures
  • Recommendations for further action

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Koeppern Bunker